Review: JP Super Ride 116 Pro

  The Super Ride from JP is new to their 2019 line-up, sitting between the Magic Ride and Super Sport as their “Sportive Freeride” offering. We believe it is going to replace the All Ride and X-Cite Ride, but time will tell when the full 2019 range is... Review: JP Super Ride 116 Pro

MK Booms are Back!

MK Booms is a name that you may well be familiar with if you’ve been windsurfing for a while. The brand prided itself on delivering quality, affordable products, often providing that extra ‘little something’ to the budget rig package offered by... MK Booms are Back!

review: JP MagicAIR 150

We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the MagicAir 150 – the smaller of two inflatable windsurfing boards, new to the JP line-up for 2018. Of course, inflatable planing hulls are nothing new to windsurfing now, with Starboard and RRD amongst other brands... review: JP MagicAIR 150

technique: The Right Line

The use of harness lines is an essential part of planning windsurfing, taking the strain off your hands and arms and encouraging you into the correct stance. Their introduction back in the eighties was a result of natural progression, as the pioneers of the sport... technique: The Right Line