The Cabrinha Radar is the brand’s crossover kite and is used extensively in our school for teaching. From a client’s first body drag and relaunch exercise to advanced transitions and aerial antics, it is our go­to option when the chips are down. But what makes it such a hit with both our staff and clients?

Cabrinha’s Claim:

“The Radar is a versatile and lively freeride / crossover kite. Its design is a rare blend of function and versatility with an excellent ability to take your riding to the next level. The high sweep and low aspect ratio make it light and manoeuvrable, while remaining well balanced with a big sweet spot on the sheeting. Any input given to the control system translates into immediate response from the kite.”

For Whom?

Whether it’s used by the total beginner practicing body drags, water relaunching and their first board starts; by the intermediate for their riding skills … or by the advanced rider for simply having fun on the water, the Radar impresses. It has effortless relaunch capabilities … so much so that it is hard to keep it on the water if you want a break! Its
handling is easy yet lively, which, coupled with a huge wind range, means your comfort zone has instantly increased, allowing you to push your own riding ability to new levels. It’s as if you’re cheating: the kite relaunches so effortlessly that it instills confidence to push for that new manoeuvre, safe in the knowledge that the kite will be back up in the air
in no time, pulling you out of danger’s way.

Why Buy?

So why would you consider buying the Radar? Put simply, it’s because it will be the one kite you can’t help but fall in love with! The Radar makes kiting and riding so easy and hassle free, that it simply puts a smile on your face every time you use it. We have mentioned it twice already in this review, but it is just so good, we can’t help but emphasise it again: the relaunch is so intuitive it seems to happen on its own, even in really light and gusty airs. Whereas a lot of other kites need a trained (some would say delicate) hand to get the kite back up in the air, due to the Radar’s full
bodied shape and the swept back wings, it only needs little input from the rider and the kite roles into the relaunch position like magic. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a progressing novice, or seasoned wave­riding pro … even a World Champ … if the kite is willing to make life easier, you would plump for it every time.
Once up in the air, the Radar doesn’t stop to inspire with its easy rewarding nature, remaining well balanced, easy to manoeuvre and reactive in a positive way, the input given through your bar translating into immediate response from the kite. The Radar’s profile keeps the kite’s power delivery balanced, yet couples it with a huge useable wind range, which becomes even more obvious in gusty variable conditions. When you’d be excused for feeling the need to change down on a kite 2 or 3 seasons its senior, the Radar retains its control and manners, thanks to its vast and efficient de­power.

And Another Thing…

The one performance aspect that is hard to determine during a short test is durability. Yet we have used the Radar for two seasons in the school now and we have to report that we are incredibly impressed by its durability. School kites take one hell of a beating … yet to date (and believe me, I am hanging onto every scrap of wood I can find as I write this), we haven’t had a single issue. So for a quality, well built and user­friendly kite that nigh on flies itself, look no further. Sure, there are the more powerful niche kites available for the dedicated rider … but for a fun, hassle­free
package that allows you to enjoy every moment on the water … you needn’t look any further.

Positive Features:

These are listed by Cabrinha on their website, but having used the kite for several months now, we have to concur with every point made!

  • Amazing relaunch
  • Light bar pressure
  • Great all round kite
  • Ultra responsive and easy to turn
  • Consistent and stable pull
  • Easy to progress


We are currently offering a stunning Cabrinha Radar package for 2016, which comes complete with pump, lines, bar, board and bindings. This package is only available as stocks last and is the perfect starter package … or the package for those that simply want the easiest (and one of the cheapest) route to guaranteed fun on the water. Click on the link here to be redirected to the package deal.